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The funniest economic simulation of all days part two








Shoot vegetable to forget all sorrow


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The funniest economic simulation of all days


Demo & patch





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    January 1st 07      The new Year already brings some news. A new Patch for Version as well as an                                 upgrade for earlier versions of Toilet Tycoon are available in the  download section . The                                 raise of the VAT in Germany will be compensated by Anvil-Soft, which means constant prices                                 in our shop.

    October 3rd 06      While Germany celebrates its reunification day, Anvil-Soft also celebrates the arrival on a                                 new server. We want to thank all our customers for their patients during the movement of our                                 pages.

    June 19th 06         The new version of Toilet Tycoon (v1.6.0.0) is now available.A trial version can be found  in                                 our download section .

    June 14th 06         Anvil-Soft signed a contract for the release of Toilet Tycoon into retail shops in Belgium                                 and the Netherlands. Today Toilet Tycoon went to gold status.

    November 30 05    A new wallpaper with Toilet Tycoon 2 motives is now available. Get it here.

    November 17 05    Today we welcomed player No. 1000 at Toilet Tycoon Online! The lucky one received                                 a free package with all games from Anvil-Soft.

    May 26th 2005       From this day on we accept PayPal for payments at our Online-Shop.

    May 24th 2005       On Thursday 2nd June 2005 Anvil-Soft invites everyone to our big Toilet Tycoon 2 chat .                                  Ask all about the development you always wanted to know !  > Get to the chat!   

    May 24 2005          A promising fan project is going public alpha : Klomanager Online is waiting for you ideas                                 and wishes. Note: its in german only so far.

    April 7 2005           A new screenshot of Toilet Tycoon 2 is available: Click here .  We have also updated  our                                 business terms .

    March 31st  05      The english version of our website is online ! Have fun exploring the world of                                 Anvil-Soft! Also a new design has been given to these pages.


    Zu KartoffelpüreeEarth is threatened by hords of evil vegetable!! Your job is to turn down this menace and save mankind.


    Zum Klomanager GoldToilet Tycoon is an unusual economic simulation in which you can proof your skills as a leader of  the saniterian installations of a whole town!

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    Tolles Spiel ! Kaufen,kaufen,kaufen !!!!

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